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Discover the Network of Collaborative Partnerships for COVID-19 Research at HKU

The worldwide partners for COVID-19 research at HKU represent an expansive network of collaborative partnerships with leading experts and organizations from around the world. HKU’s global network of collaborative partnerships enables the university to work with institutions and professionals from different fields and regions, leveraging their collective knowledge and capabilities to advance research in vaccine development, epidemiology, public health, and social and behavioral sciences



The map below is an interactive visualization showcasing global collaboration. As you zoom in, you’ll  unveil the names of collaborators involved in each endeavor, providing a deeper understanding of the individuals and organizations driving these collaborative efforts. 

Explore the treemap visualization of collaborators grouped by country and continent. Click on a specific country to uncover the global collaborative landscape and gain insights into the diverse collaboration shaping our world.

* data from HKU Scholar Hub at at 30-Jun-2023
* Geodata from youTube and Wikidata